Earth’s Days Have Been Mysteriously Increasing in Length – Scientists Don’t Know Why

Precise measurements show that Earth’s rotation has been mysteriously slowing down since 2020, making the day longer. Precise astronomical observations, combined with atomic clocks, have revealed that the length of a day is suddenly getting longer. Scientists don’t know why. This has critical impacts not just on our timekeeping, but also on things like GPS … Read more

New Class of Unusual Reactive Substances Detected in Atmospheric Chemistry

Laboratory set-up of the free-jet move experiment at TROPOS in Leipzig, with that direct proof was offered for the primary time that the formation of hydrotrioxides (ROOOH) additionally takes place beneath atmospheric circumstances from the response of peroxy radicals (RO2) with hydroxyl radicals (OH). Credit score: Tilo Arnhold, TROPOS A global group of researchers has … Read more

Exploring Earth From Space: Puglia, Italy [Video]

A part of Puglia, or Apulia, a area in southern Italy, is featured on this picture captured on January 19, 2022, by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission. Credit score: Comprises modified Copernicus Sentinel knowledge (2022), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO A part of Puglia, or Apulia, a area in southern Italy, is featured on … Read more

Scientists Discover How the Tilting and Wobbling of the Earth Influenced the Fate of Ancient Ice Sheets

New analysis findings reply long-standing query over the significance of summertime heat in melting ice sheets. Researchers have lastly answered a long-standing query over the function of Earth’s orbit in driving world ice age cycles. Scientists have been in a position to decipher the precise function in driving the cycles of world ice ages performed … Read more

Scientists Warn: A Vicious Cycle of Oxygen Loss Threatens Water Quality in Lakes

Researchers not too long ago confirmed that the world’s lakes are quickly dropping oxygen. What does it imply for water high quality that oxygen is declining globally? Scientists have not too long ago confirmed that the world’s lakes are quickly dropping oxygen. With a seven-year, whole-ecosystem examine, a staff of freshwater scientists at Virginia Tech … Read more

As Big as It Gets: Massive Hunga Volcano Eruption Comparable to Krakatoa

This looping video reveals a collection of GOES-17 satellite tv for pc photos that caught an umbrella cloud generated by the underwater eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano on January 15, 2022. Crescent-shaped bow shock waves and quite a few lighting strikes are additionally seen. Credit score: NASA Earth Observatory picture by Joshua Stevens … Read more

Bringing Magma From Deep Underground Up to Our Feet – Just Add CO2

Left: 3D visualization from the magnetotelluric scan of Erebus inside (pink is most conductive and magma wealthy); Proper: schematic depiction of magmatic processes. Upward circulation from a deep crustal valve zone undergoes episodic breakthrough of CO2 and entrained magma. Spatially steady upflow of CO2-dominated magma is in distinction to depth-limited magma zones of H2O arc … Read more

Study Shows Siberian Tundra Could Virtually Disappear by Mid-Millennium

Cotton grasses on the banks of the Decrease Ilerney, Russia. Credit score: Alfred-Wegener-Institut / Stefan Kruse Analysis exhibits that solely bold local weather safety measures can nonetheless save a 3rd of the tundra. Temperatures within the Arctic are climbing quickly on account of international warming. Consequently, the treeline for Siberian larch forests is steadily advancing … Read more