McDonald’s confirms the exact date that popular Monopoly game is returning to restaurants

MCDONALD’S has confirmed that Monopoly will return in weeks, with even bigger prizes. The fast food chain previously confirmed Monopoly will start in either September or October – and customers will have more chances to win. 1 McDonalds Monopoly is to return this autumnCredit: Alamy McDonald’s has now confirmed that the game returns on Wednesday … Read more

How fatcat energy bosses will bank a staggering £15 MILLION as terrified hard-up Brits choose heating or eating

IT is High Noon for the energy fatcats today as they drag their expensively-dressed behinds into showdown talks with the Chancellor. As The Sun revealed yesterday, Nadhim Zahawi has summoned gas and electricity bosses in to explain just how much cash they are making out of the energy crisis. 1 Energy fatcats Shell’s Ben van … Read more

We test all the best breakfast rolls against leader McDonald’s McMuffin and another high street fave is just as good

WE are on a roll when it comes to breakfast, with sandwiches overtaking pastries as the top choice for a morning meal. Breakfast buns such as Maccy D’s excellent £2.99 Egg McMuffins now account for 13 per cent of takeaway brekkies. 9 Sandwiches have overtaken pastries as the top choice for a morning mealCredit: News … Read more